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Cosmic Twin Celebrity Deaths 1900-1909

Last Updated 01-10-2018

Richard Blackmore -- b.6/7/1825 d.1/20/1900 (74)
John Ruskin -- b.2/8/1819 d.1/20/1900 (80)

James Keeler -- b.9/10/1857 d.8/12/1900 (42)
Wilhelm Steinitz -- b.5/17/1856 d.8/12/1900 (44)

Henry Villard -- b.4/10/1835 d.11/12/1900 (65)
Marcus Daly -- b.12/5/1841 d.11/12/1900 (58)

John Fiske -- b.3/30/1842 d.7/4/1901 (59)
Peter Tait -- b.4/28/1831 d.7/4/1901 (70)
Julian Scott -- b.2/14/1846 d.7/4/1901 (55)

Septimus Winner -- b.5/11/1827 d.11/22/1902 (75)
Dr. Walter S. Reed -- b.9/13/1851 d.11/22/1902 (51)

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W. J. Lemoyne -- b.4/29/1831 d.11/6/1905 (74)
Sir George Williams -- b.10/11/1821 d.11/6/1905 (84)

Joseph Monier -- b.11/8/1823 d.3/13/1906 (82)
Susan Bromwell Anthony -- b.2/15/1820 d.3/13/1906 (86)

Stephen D. Lee -- b.9/22/1833 d.5/28/1908 (74)
William Arnold Anthony -- b.11/17/1835 d.5/28/1908 (72)

George Meredith -- b.2/12/1828 d.5/18/1909 (81)
Isaac Albéniz -- b.5/29/1860 d.5/18/1909 (48)

Charles Follen McKim -- b.8/24/1847 d.9/14/1909 (62)
Louis Prang -- b.3/12/1824 d.9/14/1909 (85)

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